Making Life Work

Making Life Work is a community-based collaboration dedicated to enabling families in poverty to become stable and self-sufficient, and ensuring the children of those families attain early educational success and are set up to sustain that success throughout their school years and beyond.

We are combining three promising, complimentary models to ensure that success:

  • Collective Impact Model for the collaboration itself to ensure long-term effectiveness, measurable results, and accountability.
  • Aspen Institute's Two-Generation Model to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach that meets the needs of children and their parents together.
  • EMPath's Intergenerational Mobility Mentoring Model to integrate all of the activities of the various collaborators into a single, seamless, comprehensive program that removes barriers and creates opportunities for family success. This model is designed to work in a whole-family way, using three primary tools:
    • The Bridge to Self Sufficiency (for adult family members)
    • The Child Bridge to a Brighter Future (for each child in the family)
    • The Family Carpool Lane Tool (for the family as a whole)