Snow Goose Transit

To address the transportation needs of many rural residents who do not have easy access to existing bus service, a transportation workgroup was created to research options. This small workgroup turned into a multi-agency coalition called the North County Transportation Coalition. With a $50,000 planning grant from WSDOT, the Coalition was able to propose a new fixed route service with deviations to schedule door-to-door service for those who cannot get to an identified stop or who need special access such as a wheelchair lift. A new grant was prepared for a two year pilot project. In May 2021 the Coalition was awarded $660,000, along with additional funding from the Floyd & Delores Jones Endowed Fund, for the pilot project, which began Dec 2021. Lincoln Hill Retirement Community is the lead fiscal agent for this initiative.

Snow Goose Transit has two buses operating separate routes with a ridership that has increased from 1 rider in January 2022 (the first month of the pilot) to 126 riders in June 2022. They are continually reviewing their process to reduce wait times at various locations, while adding additional
requested stops such as Angel of the Winds Casino and Safeway in Arlington. Stops are eliminated that do not have an impact or negatively impact our ridership, but still utilize them as a deviation point if requested. They continue to evaluate stops, routes, etc., based on demand and adapt to accommodate
special needs riders. 

More information can be found on the Snow Goose Transit Website.