Kindergarten Readiness Community Meeting

We need your help!

Making Life Work, a collaboration of community organizations, is planning a substantial financial investment in a new initiative to ensure that all children in the Stanwood-Camano School District are kindergarten ready. We are reaching out to all local childcare providers and preschools who work with children between 0 and 5 years of age to invite you to be a part of that transformation.

Mental Health Connection Conference

Join the Conversation

Making Life Work, a collaboration of community organizations, is working to identify and address unmet needs in the Stanwood-Camano community.

After conducting a community-wide health and wellness survey, it was determined that mental health is an area that could benefit from additional resources. We need you at the table to brainstorm ideas and solutions.

A Stanwood-Camano Community Collaboration

Making Life Work is a collaboration of community-minded organizations that began working together in January 2017 to identify and address unmet needs within the Stanwood-Camano community. The focus of the collaboration is identifying and working together to overcome the many obstacles that prevent our most vulnerable community members from having their basic needs met and from living healthy, happy lives.

Online Resource Hub

The Stanwood-Camano Online Resource Hub is a hyper-local well-being resource, created in partnership with Providence Institute for a Healthier Community. It features community resource listings and simple search tools that make it easy for you to connect with resources serving the Stanwood-Camano area.

The resource hub can be accessed at To list a program or service on the resource hub, contact